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1) How can I qualify?

You have been in business at least one year
You have at least one year remaining on your property lease
Your business accepts Visa® and MasterCard® as a form of payment
Your business processes a minimum of $3,500 in Visa and MasterCard sales a month

2) How can I use the cash advance?

You can use your cash advance to fulfill almost any of your business needs.
Expand or remodel your business
Purchase inventory
Replace existing equipment
Promote or advertise your business
The best part is that the decision is yours!

3) How do I apply?

It’s easy – simply fill out our online application or call a Merchant Funding Source representative at 1-866-801-9468

4) How does the program work?

Merchant Funding Source offers products and services that are specifically designed to provide small to mid-sized business owners with flexible and unsecured access to capital. Your business will receive cash in exchange for the purchase of a small portion of your future Visa and MasterCard receipts. The cash advance will be deposited into your business checking account allowing these funds to be accessible immediately. This is not a loan, it will not require a complicated application process, personal guarantees, collateral, or unnecessary fees.

5) How soon can I get the advance?

Once the required documentation is provided in full with the application, money can be received quickly through an electronic transfer.

6) How do I pay back the cash advance?

A small percentage of your daily Visa and MasterCard receipts are deducted until the balance is collected.

7) How can I check my account status?

There are two ways to check your account status. You can request a monthly statement that shows the previous month’s activity or you may also access your account via the web at:

8) Can I stay with my current credit card processor?

It is possible if Merchant Funding Source has an agreement in place with your processor we can
offer a “Lock Box” solution for repayment. A Lock Box is a form of escrow account where a merchant instructs their current payment processor to direct their daily batch deposits to a bank account owned by the Cash Advance provider and held for the Merchant “In Trust”. Once the funds enter the account, the Cash Advance provider then ‘sweeps the account’ or withdraws their daily portion of the funds. The remaining funds are then forwarded to the Merchant’s commercial account (typically at another bank).
Otherwise, we will arrange a Merchant Funding Source partner processor who will match or lower your current processing fees.

9) Do you have to review my personal credit history?

At Merchant Funding Source we base our approval decisions on a credit scoring model that considers both a personal credit score as well as a business score. A very high percent of applicants qualify.

10) Can the cash advance be renewed?

Yes, when the advance balance is down to approximately 25% of the original balance, your business can request another advance.

11) I have a Tax Lien, Bankruptcy, or Poor Credit. Can i still get funded?

Yes, The Started Advance program has been developed to assist merchants, who cannot qualify for a traditional funding or even a merchant cash advance, get funding and get it fast. You are AUTOMATICALLY APPROVED in the STARTER ADVANCE program. Businesses Qualify for up to $7,500! 

Funded in 48 hours!
Even if you’ve been declined elsewhere!
99.99% Approval Rate*
BK’s/Liens/Judgements OK
Funding in 48 Hours

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12) Who do I call if I have any questions about my account?

You can call a Merchant Funding Source representative right now at 1-866-801-9468 or e-mail:


"Merchant Funding Source really worked hard for me. I shopped around with other companies, and I dealt with another company that promised me a lot and delivered on absolutely nothing. Merchant Funding Source was straight with me throughout the process. Every step of the process was explained to me and the quotes they gave me were set in stone. I really appreciated the knowledge and expertise that Merchant Funding Source had to offer. l felt extremely comfortable throughout a process that was very new to me. Thanks for all your help guys"  Amanda, West Palm Beach, FL