"Business was slow, vendors were owed money, & payroll funds were tight. I was strapped. With the economy in turmoil lately I thought I would have to close the doors unless I came up with some quick cash. I needed some cushion for 3 months before my busy season came, Merchant Funding Source was able to give me the money needed to float my business during our slow time. Our busy season is now here and we’re putting our profits in the bank instead of paying late bills thanks to the cash advance program we took"  Gina - Connecticut

"I appreciated the help when I needed it most. I will definitely do business again."
  Faye - Miami, FL

    "I want everyone at Merchant Funding Source  to know how much I appreciate your efforts in obtaining funding for my business. From the very first contact on the phone until the money arrived at my bank you were awesome. You were honest, upfront, detailed, and most importantly you always did exactly what you said you would do. When you said I'll call you back, you called back. When you said I'll get that information you did. You are what customer service is all about. I thank you again" Kendra - Millwaukee, WI

"I needed to move into a bigger office and pay some suppliers. Merchant Funding Source explained the program in detail with no surprises and within a week I had my money. It was a life saver! Thanks again !"

"I have so much to thank Merchant Funding Source for. They helped keep our business alive !!  Barbara - Bakery 

"Thank you so much for helping me and my business, with the advance you got for me I was able to buy more merchandise at an excellent price. Thanks again to you and Merchant Funding Source because you guys are helping the small business to grow and be successful Adrian - Brooklyn, NY

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